"Connect" wake up word and listen for a command

Hello everybody :slight_smile:
My english isn´t the best, but i hope, i can describe it good enough to get help.

First I´m new in rhasspy, so be lenient. :wink:
My version is 2.5.7

And my Problem is: The wake up words works (actually i use Mycroft Precise with default setings, because that is the only one, that works out of the box for me), but after the wake up word is recognized, rhasspy don´t listen for a command!?!
I watched the Video from the webside of rhasspy and there he didn´t have to do anythink, to listen for a command after the wake up word

Log only shows:
[DEBUG:2020-10-21 20:10:58,459] rhasspyserver_hermes: <- HotwordDetected(model_id=‘hey-mycroft-2.pb’, model_version=’’, model_type=‘personal’, current_sensitivity=0.5, site_id=‘default’, session_id=None, send_audio_captured=None, lang=None)

By manuell hit the wake up button, rhasspy listen, i can speak the command and it´s work.

By the way: If i want to use porcupine, where to hell i found the directory for the wake up word? In my profile there is no one!?

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Rhasspy version 2.5.6 to 2.5.7 have a dialogue manager bug that prevent correct session handling. @synesthesiam is already working on a fix that should be released soon.

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Thanks … so i can try a long :smiley:
Perfect bug to start with :smiley:

What is your setting for the Dialogue manager?
Did you follow a tutorial to get started? If so, which one?