Rhasspy 2.5.7 Released

Hot on the heels of 2.5.6, Rhasspy 2.5.7 is out!

The biggest addition for this version is welcoming Czech to the list of supported languages! This is the first use of the ipa2kaldi tool to train a new Kaldi nnet3 model from public voice data and Wiktionary for pronunciations.

This version also has a second attempt at getting multi-site dialogue management working (multiple sessions occurring simultaneously at different sites). If there are still issues, I think we’ll need to look into creating a better suite of tests to cover the more unusual cases.

Also, in case you missed it, the first Dutch voice is now available for use with Docker (x86_64 only, Raspberry Pi images are coming). Let me know if you’d like to volunteer your voice :slight_smile:


  • Add support for Czech language
  • Add --http-root option to run web server with a different prefix


  • fuzzywuzzy examples database is deleted before training
  • More graceful handling of missing site ids in dialogue manager


  • Use session id instead of site id where possible in dialogue manager
  • Fix silence phones in Vietnamese and Dutch profiles
  • Model index bug in rhasspy-wake-snowboy-hermes

Small update: I found a few bugs in the dialogue manager in 2.5.7 and am working on fixes now. I’ll push Docker/Debian updates as soon as I can :+1:


Hello @synesthesiam,

Thank you for the nice work !

I’m never sure about the contents of the Debian updates when I see your posts about bugs fixes and updates for Debian in the same sentence. When you fix bugs, you always release a version, don’t you ?


I do, though the Debian packages are often delayed because they take so much longer to build :expressionless:

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Is the Bugfix already up and we can safely update? Last time i tried (two weeks ago) i still had this problem.