Change the sound effects, where is ${RHASSPY_BASE_DIR}

I want to change the sound effects used for the wake WAV, error WAV and recorded WAV. Rhasspy is installed on Home Assistant on Debian and Rhasspy is an add on.

Where is the default %{RHASSPY_PROFILE_DIR}? the default files are in ${RHASSPY_BASE_DIR}/etc/wav but I can’t find these files.

I have found the profile files inside HomeAssistant
hassio/share/rhasspy/profiles/en but there is no folder for wav files. Even so, when I try to put a file in this directory it gives an Access Denied error even with SFTP logged in as admin.

How do I change the WAV sound effects and where do I put the new files?

Figured it out:

Upload a file to /homeassistant via the file editor
In terminal:
mv /homeassistant/<filename.wav> /share/rhasspy/profiles/en/

The file can then be put into settings as

i’ve only changed the wake WAV and error WAV sounds.
the 2 files are in a dedicated directory : /share/rhasspy/profiles/fr/wav

Thank you, I don’t have a WAV folder in there which is why I found it odd, not even a hidden folder. I’ve changed all of the sounds to something a bit more pleasant.