Better interface debug

Actually, on ui interface, log tab we have sort of:

[DEBUG:9579191] ARecordAudioRecorder: Recording from microphone (arecord)
[DEBUG:9579189] ARecordAudioRecorder: [‘arecord’, ‘-q’, ‘-r’, ‘16000’, ‘-f’, ‘S16_LE’, ‘-c’, ‘1’, ‘-t’, ‘raw’, ‘-D’, ‘default:CARD=seeed2micvoicec’]
[DEBUG:9579189] ARecordAudioRecorder: started -> recording

Dunno what is the number after DEBUG (doesn’t seems a timestamp) but could we have a human readable date and time ?
Would be a lot easier to debug knowing when which message happened ?

Bump :persevere:
Would really help …

I agree timestamp would be better

But as I see, current number is milliseconds since boot… In my case since I’ve started rhasspy addon