Bad wav Sound quality with api


The Problem

  • Playing an alarm sound on a satellite. WAV-file is on the sat.
  • Sound is: WAVE ‘wecker.wav’ : Unsigned 8 bit, Rate: 22050 Hz, stereo
  • appDeamon on Homeassistant sends commands to start
  • following commands are terminal versions to test with same result

Old Version

  • ssh ( via shell_command )
    ssh pi@ /usr/local/bin/makeSound wecker 1
    (makeSound is a bash file, wecker is the name of the file, 1 is the number of repeats)

The sound is clear!

New Version

Noisy sound as if a mic is overdriven!

I hope someone could help



The problem is only with the sat , which uses the JABRA 410.
The other sats, ReSpeaker 2, playing the sound in a good way