Assist + Rhasspy working together

So we’ve all seen the “Year of the voice” release from HA which is super exciting, I’m really happy with everything they are doing for the software. It’s amazing.

Why is no one talking about the marriage of this HA release with Rhasspy!? It’s freaking awesome! The biggest thing HA lacks is wake word functionality (I know it’s scheduled for later this year) … Why wait when you can do it now! Rhasspy already has it covered. The mixture of the 2 is really powerful. Rhasspy grabs your command, converts it to intent, sends it over to HA, the HA does the actions and sends TTS to piper - no need to send back to Rhasspy. I’ve even got confirmations setup to come through my Sonos speakers. No need for a separate speaker just for the voice activation box, use the ones you have!

Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to HAs next release because the UX on Assist is damn near flawless. Making intents and creating action is stupid easy. The Alias additions are my personal fav.

Has anyone else tried it?

I’m new to Rhasspy and newly installed it on my machine. Then I see you need Home Assistant to really put it to use. For my reference is HA the same as Home Assistant, just shorter?
If it is I feel like Homer Simpson right now. And doubly so if HA comes with Rhasspy. That could have saved me alot of time I’m betting. Being that they are co-dependent.

Hi, welcome. Yes, HA is for Home Assistant. They are not co-dependan and HA does not come with Rhasspy installed. HA is generally the brains of your smart home and you connect everything to it.

HA has hundreds of add-ons and Rhasspy is just one you can use for voice control. HA does all the actual heavy lifting of automation and connecting iot devices. HA just realsed a built-in voice control called “Assist” which is actually quite good but has no wake word detection. It requires you to tap and hold a button of some kind to listen to you.

Don’t stress, you can install HA and Rhasspy on the same device. Their both really easy to install. Setup can take a bit of learning but their both really great tools.

Actually you do not.
But what you do need is some intent handling, otherwise the things you ask or notting getting a response.
You can add your own software as intentHandler, maybe some other smart home software

Thanks for clearing that up… This coding/scripting is alot like the military. Everyone has an acronym for everything… So is ‘Hass’ Home Assistant as well?


Thanks for the reply! JeffC saw that you reached out to me and said I was in good hands as far as advice goes… He did suggest i install docker then HA OS as you suggested. But I thought Docker was like if you are on a Windows machine and need to partition it to run a Linux based program…
I looked at the HA site and instructions for Linux/Ubuntu they have 3 different images. VirtualBox, KVM, and Vmware Workstation… and I am not 100% which I should go with.

I have an Intel Nuc with proxmox.
Proxmox is virtualisation software running on a linux base. Easy to install on a device like a NUC or the Dell hardware you have.
You can read something about it here