API call for wake word dection status


Apologies if it is already in here and I am just not finding it. But I’ve been playing a lot with Home Assistant Integration lately. Just setup a button entity in HA to turn the wake word detection on and off for the satellite. One thing I found lacking was no way to get from Rhasspy the current state of the wake word detection to determine if it is on or off. This would be useful in case the detection was turned off by some way other than the HA button. HA would always be able to query Rhasspy for the current state. I was thinking it could be an additional attribute on the hotwords list in the rhasspy/hotword/hotwords topic. Or something like that.

You could use mqtt to change the Rhasspy wake word detection and then also listen to the mqtt message in node-red and update the ha button by using a helper.

Is there a message that gives the current state of the detection? I am basically doing what you said now but I use a helper variable in HA to keep track of the state. But Rhasspy doesn’t have a message that provides the current status as far as I know so there really is no way to know for sure what the status is.

No, there is no such API method available

Oh gee, that’s too bad, I’d need to know too the current status of wake word detection…