Youtube video series (technical walkthrough) about Rhasspy

i’m new in the Rhasspy community, but a long term voice technology enthusiast.

As a tribute to this great project i’m creating technical walkthrough videos about Rhasspy on my opensource voice technology related Youtube channel.
The first two episodes of the playlist called “Rhasspy From A-M” are already online. More to come soon.

I hope you find the idea/videos helpful. If you have special wishes on technical walkthrough videos about Rhasspy or comments, please let me know.



I just released the 3rd video of “Rhasspy from A-M” series about the first steps. I hope you like it. Feedback is very welcome :blush:.

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Next Rhasspy video/episode is online :blush: - or is it a “Rhapisode” (sorry :man_facepalming:).
Showing a “Hello World” example on how easy it is to use a script for intent handling and returning back a text to be spoken by TTS (Text-to-Speech).
I hope you’ll find it useful. Is there anything you’d like to see?