Yet another satellite hardware recommendation question

Hello all, just signed up, though I’ve been looking around a while now. Just about ready to get started on my pet project and was looking for recommendations on suitable satellite hardware/platforms that support this since I’ve more or less given up on finding RPis. I’ve been searching around, and it seems like most have had success with Pi3s at a minimum to produce satisfactory results. I need to look more into ESP based options, but if someone has any success stories that might fit my use case, please share. Pretty much looking for anything that can handle a Rhasspy satellite load, supporting multiple wake words (raven) without being expensive (lets say over $99 including screen/mic/speakers) if such a thing exists.


Rhasspy satellite with mic, speakers and a screen to display camera streams/screen saver (likely needs something custom built in HA+Sat)

Rhasspy satellite with mic and speakers only

Starting out (ideally)
Main Base → VBase (Generic x86_64 running Rhasspy base within HA ecosystem, just to start out simple)
Bedroom → vSat
Kitchen → VSat

Future expansion
Basement → VSat
Stairwell → VSat
Upstairs R1 → Sat
Upstairs R2 → Sat
A couple of VSats have touch screen displays to extend custom use cases