YakYak Wyoming-Piper Utility in PyPi.org

I put a utility in PyPi that makes it easier to get to wyoming-piper from the command line and from a Python app. It is open source, https://github.com/b202i/yakyak.

Create a python virtual environment, activate it, and install yakyak

cd some_directory; python3 -m venv .venv; source .venv/bin/activate
pip install yakyak

Start wyoming-piper in docker somewhere on your LAN, example docker-compose.yml.

If you just want wav files, the setup is complete. To use mp3, you need to install ffmpeg.

From the command line, create an mp3 file with “Hello world”

echo Hello world | yakyak -f mp3 -o hello_world.mp3

From Python, put this in test_yakyak.py, and run it with python3 test_yakyak.py

from yakyak import is_server_online, piper_tts_server


        'Hello world',

So far it seems to scale pretty well although it has only been tested on Ubuntu and Mac. It will use all 12 cores and run pretty quick on bare iron, and also still get the job done on a Proxmox VM with minimal resources. I don’t have any GPU hardware, but I would be curious to know how well it would perform. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated, either here or in github/issues.