YakYak Reports with Wyoming-Piper

The Python/Flask app, “YakYak Reports,” generates various financial reports using wyoming-piper for narration. One notable report is the “Tech Investment News,” which compiles 50 technical news stories from Alpha Vantage into a coherent report using multiple ChatGPT calls. This report is scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays due to the slower pace of news changes. Other reports, like the “Bitcoin Report,” run in real-time, and some utilize data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank post-market close. There are 12 reports in total, each exploring different data uses and availability.

The setup involves wyoming-piper running in Docker on one machine, while the Python app on a server communicates via a TCP socket. The app’s plugin configuration allows easy addition of new reports: by placing a Python file in the reports folder and a logo in the img folder, a new report appears on the main page.

However, challenges arise with voice synthesis, especially with numbers (like 51490) and special characters, leading to unnatural wording for accurate narration. Pronunciation instructions in AI prompts offer some improvement. The current voice is en_US-hfc_male-medium. If there is another voice or a custom voice you think would be better, let me know.

Future plans include voice command integration for report requests, potentially through Home Assistant or another method, reflecting the rapid advancement in AI technology.

All reports are available at yakyak.makermattdesign.com.