Wordguessing problem

Good evening,

after taking a bit of a break from rhasspy and smart home in general I started fixing issues that I noticed while using my assistant for the last months and when I added a few new devices to my sentences I had one unknown word:

Hintergrundbeleuchtung (h 'I n t 6 g R U n t b @ l 'O 2 C t U N)

I let it guess and when I played the guess, all I got was something sounding like hintertsch which is completely off. German being pretty nice I separated the word into the parts Hintergrund and Beleuchtung which are both valid German words and in the dictionary.

Here is what I got:
Hintergrund (h 'I n t 6 g R U n t) → hintertsch
Beleuchtung ( b @ l 'O 2 C t U N) → bl

So obviously it was only pronouncing the first part when told to pronounce Hintergrundbeleuchtung and it is now miss-pronouncing two different dictionary words quite badly, thought I have the feeling that it isn’t even trying to pronounce all of it.

When I asked rhasspy to speak those words to me from the main page, it had the correct pronunciations.

I tested a few other random words I taught rhasspy the last time I was adding to my sentences and most of them were completely off, too, even though I remember them being pretty close when I added them. So obviously something is going wrong now that wasn’t before and I am curious if it is only on my end, a German problem or a general problem.

Also, if anyone knows how to locate if it is only a problem with the word guessing, or with whatever rhasspy uses the guessed words for, I would be grateful to learn how to because I can live with the word guessing being off, as long as it isn’t messing with my voice assistant in any way.