Word recognition

I’m running a Raspi 3 with rhasspy and I’m happy with this project - thank’s to all who work for this great project!

Maybe I have something configured not correctly, because one thing which could be better is the word recognition.
I have a very short sentence.ini and just 3 slots with 22 words in it, e.g. “light livingroom” or “blinds livingroom”.
When I now say “open blinds livingroom” then everything works fine.
But when I say things, which are not in my sentences.ini or slots e.g. “the forrest is green” then rhasspy tries to find correct words from my slots and produces something like “switch light bedroom off” instead of “the forrest is green” which would produce an error, because it doesn’t match with my slots and sentences.

Intent Recognition=fsticuffs

What/how I have to configure to get the expected result?

Thank you and greetings from Innsbruck/Austria

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You can try to set “Minimum Confidence” to a higher value for Kaldi.