Wooden enclosure for Respeaker 4 Mic on a RPi3A+

Inspired by tjoskar’s thread on his wooden enclosure, I would like to share my own wooden enclosure I had already built a year (or more) ago. There were already some pics of it on snips forum, which is offline now.

I’ve built six satellites for snips, which are now running rhasspy-voltron plus some custom code for led control and audio playback via sonos. They are driven by RPI3A+ and Respeaker 4-Mic Array.

The enclosures are done from different kind of wood (pine, oak, bamboo). The mics are hidden behind a 0.1mm thick paper like layer of wood, so they are working pretty good while being invisible.
Leds from respeaker are shining through a slightly thicker layer of wood (more diffuse transmission). While idle there is only a wooden square with a slowly breathing red led ring… :slight_smile:

The whole project was done in F360 on a Shapeoko 3 XXL. I really love this thing!

Front enclosure without RPi

Front enclosure with RPi

Rear enclosure


Nice done! Do you have any picture of it when it is assembled? And how looks the different led-colors through the wood?
Now I want to create this as well. Unfortunately I have no access to a CNC router :confused: But maybe I can rent one? I will try to find one in my area.

Mostly I don’t use the rear part, since the enclosure lays flat on the surface, even without it.
Attached you can find two videos (video upload would be nice for this forum!). I’ve done a quick sequence blue, green, red for you.
You got a point… Only red led is really shining through at daylight on this block of beech.
Green is visible, but blue is not noticeable at all.
With pine it is a different thing. It is much less dense, so leds are visible much better.



Thank you for sharing! Really nice work! I really need to build my own now :wink: