Why not sharing out intents?

IMHO, unless we live in a yurt, we should all have lots of intents in common.
So why not sharing those intents and allow noobs and snips defectors (like me) to be up and running?

I’m aware that there are some differences between us but lights, window blinds, coffee machines all have pretty common stuff


Good idea! If this catches on, we could even maintain a common set of intents in a way that Rhasspy can easily import.

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I came in this morning to suggest the same idea! HA!

This would be an incredibly useful thing and would allow people without a lot of dev experience to create and share what is essentially very useful “code” with the community.

I would greatly appreciate any and all contributions from the former Snips users who are so far ahead in this area. I’m only getting into voice control and natural language processing, so I don’t (yet) have the benefit of your experiences.

I should add: I firmly believe doing/trying/failing/changing/learning is the best teacher. I just know you’ve already figured out better ways, and would hate to have to learn it “the hard way”. :wink:

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Snips had a console, it was a great tool for prototyping but a very bad tool for sharing knowledge.

.ini files are must easier to share and examples are always a great help to understand new concepts such as JSGF.

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Any ideas what could host a searchable intent database? Just a wiki, maybe?

Wiki sounds good, the need is pretty simple and should not eat time for the most important features.

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Agree with @duch - keeping it simple seems smart.