Why Docker on RasPi zero?

RasPi Zero with reSpeaker 2-mic HAT seems a fairly popular option for a satellite, so I’m trying it myself.

Audio processing and AI is compute-intensive, and lets face it - the RasPi Zero isn’t the fastest processor. So it makes sense to minimise what is running on the zero.

  • This machine will be dedicated to Rhasspy satellite only.
  • only Audio Recording, Audio playing and Wake word detection should run on the zero. Everything else is off-loaded to the base station (where training is shared among all the satellites)
  • use Raspberry Pi OS lite, to eliminate xwindows and accessories

But is there any point to Docker on a dedicated machine ???

Also, what would be the best method of getting the rhasspy_armel.deb file onto the RasPi Zero ?

  1. Download onto PC and copy into microSD card (along with wpa_supplicant.conf and SSH) when making the Raspberry Pi OS image ? is there enough free space before the filesystem is expanded ?

  2. Download on PC and copy via a USB pendrive … but that requires user to have a microUSB to USB OTG adaptor cable ?

  3. Remove microSD card from the zero and insert in PC. Copy file to microSD (now that filesystem is expanded) and then return microSD to RasPi zero ?

  4. Is there a location where curl could easily download from ? The URL in the HTML page which actually does the download is rather long (so easy to mistype)

  5. Configure RasPi zero as a USB gadget ? Assumes user already has a USB to microUSB cable (eg that they have an android phone).

After more research I think the best answer for occasional use is…

  1. SCP, because it is already active as part of SSH

No. Docker is the simplest option to get started.
But running it native on a dedicated zero is a good option

This, as you already found out by yourself :slight_smile: