Welcome to the Rhasspy Community

This site represents a big first step for Rhasspy as an open source project! We now have a place to gather, ask questions, and try to build something that lasts.

As Rhasspy progresses, my hope is for members of the community to share new services, skills, and tutorials. My long-term goal is too keep an “all-in-one” install for Rhasspy while splitting it out under the hood into multiple services that can be hacked on by other developers. In the near-term, I’m fixing bugs and updating documentation :slight_smile:


The own forum has been exactly the right step that Rhasspy needs to have a really long term and good future. Thanks a lot for that! It is an honour for me to be a part of it! :grinning:


Can’t agree more !

Hope one day I can give some help, but digging into the code and understanding all classes and packages isn’t easy at first look :rofl:


I agree :wink: Most of my coding problems are caused by my past self…


Hello there,

i posted a message yesterday but did not introduce myself, all apologies.

I began a poject using Snips, created my startup and was about to sign a contract with Snips when… you know… Sonos.

I then looked for an alternative and found this promising project, congrats. It took me a few days to create a propotype working like Snips but of course i will have tons of questions…

my config :

  • RPI3B+ with Buster
  • Hass and Rhasspy installed as venv and started as service
  • Snips custom wakeword thanks to snips-satellite package since it supports French
  • picotts

See you !

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Welcome, @duch! Glad Rhasspy is working out for you. No contract necessary here :smiley:

Let us know if you run into any problems.

Would you share your service file ? I tried to create a systemd file but it didn’t goes well.
Have switch to docker, but would like to have last commits and update anytime.

It’s right there : Keep rhasspy running

in your original post :rofl:

Arg ! Will try that ! :upside_down_face: