WebGUI loosing new sentence ini after restart

I just tried out the new file option in the sentence tab in 2.4.19 and I think I found a bug with it. First I added a file without .ini at the end which did not show up in my profile so I did it again and added .ini. This time I could find the file in my profile and I could switch from sentences.ini to my new one and edit and save it. Since the file without .ini was still in the list I did a restart of rhasspy, hoping it would read in only the two files that actually exist only to find out that my custom file isn’t in the list at all which I think it should be.

I tried readding my new ini and it showed up in the list again but I was presented with an empty file and saving it overwrote the one I created earlier (without even asking, which might ruin quite a bit of work (my file was pretty empty because I just started testing with it)).

I don’t have 2.5 running somewhere yet so I don’t know if it happens there, too but that is something that should be fixed sometime because the functionality for it is clearly there and should be usable.

EDIT: did some more testing. After I save the file I get presented with an empty file again which would let me overwrite my intents by accident again. Switching to sentences.ini and back gives me the content back.

Another EDIT: apparently my new ini wasn’t used while training either and after training it wax gone from the list again.