Wavenet on 2.5 not supported

Ok so it seems like rhasspy 2.5 dropped support for google wavenet TTS. Is there any ETA when this will be available again, or will it be permanently dropped?

I believe that @romkabouter is working on it:

He will surely be able to tell you what the status is.

I was ready, but then pushed incorrect code and removed the correct code.
Currently in the proces of redoing part :slight_smile:

I hope I will be done by the end of the week

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Ah ok already wondered why there is pocketsphinx stuff instead of google wavenet :sweat_smile:

That be great. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Copy paste… sigh


I have taken the opportunity to update to Wavenet version 2, it took some rework.
I also noticed that the API has methods of getting the voices. My okan is to see how far I can get with making it easier to select language, gender and voice. The language and voice is currently a free text field, with can lead to incorrect combinations of language, gender and voice.

In the latest version, this should be fixed

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I was able to get it working by following the git install instructions and modifying configure to set the PACKAGE_VERSION=‘2.5.1’. That and adding credentials.json to ~/.config/rhasspy/profiles/en/tts/googlewavenet/ was all it needed. Thanks for the good work @romkabouter!

I have made some changes to the voices, the PR is still open but in the new version the voice is no longer a free field, but a dropdown with all the voices from Google Wavenet.

When I was implementing the voices, I concluded that language and gender is already in the voice itself. So a voice like en-US-Wavenet-C is fixed to Female. Chosing Male and en-US-Wavenet-C still renders a female voice.

So, I remove language code and Gender from the settings field and instead added a dropdownlost with all the supported voices found here:


This is however a breaking change, so if you use it, there is a 1 time need to save the settings with the correct voice.

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Is there already an official rhasspy version with Wavenet working again?

yes, the latest version has it.

Silly question: I see on github the fix for google wavenet, I’m actually running Rhasspy 2.5 with docker.
What is the proper way to update my installation? Is the docker image updated too?

Yes, you can pull docker latest. The latest version is the same as 2.5.1, which should have the Google Wavenet.
I personally use the Hassio Addon, which also uses the latest docker. In the Addon the Google Wavenet is available

When i pull docker latest it says i have latest,
But i can’t seem to see wavenet on the dropdown menu.

Did you stop/start en also did a shift-refresh for your browser?
Can you show a screenshot?

Did you docker stop and docker rm with the container name/ID and recreate the container after pulling the latest image? Otherwise you keep running the older image.

no, I didn’t know this is what i had to do.
Now wavenet appears, but whet i change to it, i don’t hear a voice.

What is in the log?
Did you add a credentials.json file in the expected directory?