Watson (IBM’s cloud TTS service) in Rhasspy question

If you’re using this I’ve installed it on my setup in a docker container, well actually I set it up both ways per the instructions … the problem is it returns nothing…

IE… “Jarvis”
“What time is it?”

it doesn’t give me an error sound it just doesn’t return anything… I can see in Rhasspy that it is recognizing what I’m asking but it says nothing.

I guess I"m trying to figure out what I did wrong and/or how to make it work :slight_smile:
Any help would be hugely appreciated!!!

MY setup is this:
Intel NUC
running ubuntu
HA operating system lastest version
Rhasspy 2.511

Thank you!!

What do you have as an intent handler?

Sorry got sidetracked … I have Home Assistant as my intent handler

I wouldn’t be shocked if I installed it incorrectly… I’m no expert at this for sure!
I wanted to ask a few questions as I’m not a programmer so I have no idea what/where this should be installed from.
Have NO idea if I should use the Docker or NON Docker setup…

Ok, so did you actually implement something to handle that intent? HA does not do that out of the box. You have to create and intent_script or something.

This might help getting you started:

I recommend using docker or the HA addon

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OH I have lots of those LOL

      text: >-
        {% set sensor =  "sensor." + name %}
        The temperature is currently {{ states(sensor) | int }} degrees

      text: >-
        {% set sensor =  "sensor.budd_st_weather_feels_like" %}
        The temperature outside is currently {{ states(sensor) | int }} degrees

This will have to be my weekend retry I guess. I’m pretty sure it’s not nearly as hard as I’m making it… :slight_smile:

So do have one for telling the time as well?

Why yes I do :slight_smile:

      text: >-
        {% set sensor = "sensor.12hourtime" %}
        The time is {{ states(sensor) }}

      text: >-
        {% set sensor = "sensor.date_format" %}
        The date is {{ states(sensor) }}

Ah I see.

Your problem is that you use “speech”.
That is for the TTS engine in Home Assistant, not Rhasspy.

For Rhasspy you have to publish with the text to mqtt, you can read more about it and some examples on the wiki:

Interesting!!! Thank you!!! I will read that!!!
I do not have it set up to use mqtt at the moment but I guess I should…

I could tell you something that made me laugh… I installed it and it didn’t work. Must have been
tired that night… I installed it on the wrong computer LOL A computer that has NOTHING to do with HA.

If you want some feedback from Rhasspy with regards to your intent handling, then yes :slight_smile:

good luck, the wiki is a good source for info

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Thank you for the help and suggestions. I’ll get it working I have no doubt :slight_smile:
Yes the Wiki is a good place!!