Wanted: MQTT logs of a Snips system

Is someone still using Snips here? I’d like to ask you a favor. Could you use some of your apps while you have the following command running:

mosquitto_sub -t 'hermes/#' -T 'hermes/audioServer/+/playBytes/+' -T 'hermes/audioServer/+/audioFrame' -v

And then put this log of MQTT messages here with a short explanation of what you did there? Just waking up your assistant, asking questions, continuing a session, letting a session time out, maybe even restarting snips-skill-server to trigger more advanced stuff such as the injection system.

I’m asking this because I noticed some minor inconsistencies/bugs in the current Hermes implementation of Rhasspy, and I’d like to compare this with the Snips implementation of the protocol to chase the remaining corner cases.

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