Wake word beep location?

Hi I am just starting with Rhasspy on a pi3b, in Docker. it works very well out of the box, but I want to play with the wav files for the wake word beeps. My problem is I can’t find them.
/home/pi/.config/rhasspy/profiles/en/ contains: acoustic_model, fsts, download, porcupine, slots, porcupine.
Once found I wanted to try using vocal wav files rather than tones, has someone tried this?

many thanks

I’ve put mine in .config\rhasspy\profiles\fr\sounds
with settings:

 "sounds": {
        "error": "${RHASSPY_PROFILE_DIR}/sounds/error.wav",
        "recorded": "${RHASSPY_PROFILE_DIR}/sounds/end_of_input.wav",
        "wake": "${RHASSPY_PROFILE_DIR}/sounds/start_of_input.wav"

Hi, I am looking for the same beep sound location - but on HassOS. Does anyone know where the beep sounds are located there?


Thank you!

That was the folder where I expected the sound files to be, that is why I copied the snips sounds there. Only thing I wondered about: The default files “beep_hi”/“beep_lo”… were not there.

And in Rhasspy’s User Interface were the wrong file paths shown, so it did not help just to change the file name.


did the trick in the end.