Wake and Record Wav Sound Disable

Hey Guys, Due to @Sikk having one of the most brilliant ideas:

Loving this update :slight_smile:

Now the backlight of my TV turns blue when i wake rhasspy - when it recognizes an intend it flashes green and when not red :slight_smile:

I decided that I needed to do a version of this as well. So, I fired up Node-Red and got to work to figure out how to get this done. I have multiple Lifx bulbs around the house, and I wanted certain ones to do a breathe effect with a certain color, when Rhasspy hears the Wake Word, and a ping effect with a different color when it is done recording. As, I was doing this I decided that I no longer need the Wake and Record wav to play. So, I went hunting to to see if I could turn these off, with out recording a silent wav file for them. I see I can turn off the Error wav sound, but not the Wake and Record wav. Did I miss something, is this even possible to do at this stage. So, if anyone has the magical answer to solve this issue, that would be incredible, thanks.

For sure not the smartest idea, but: you could delete the wav´s.
You always will get an error in the log, but who cares?

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That has crossed my mind, and will be the the plan if its not able to be done some other way.

Just go down to the Sounds section in the Settings and delete the WAV path of any sound you don’t want :slight_smile:

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Thanks, guys, remove of sound through deletion, I like it.

Just to clarify, I don’t mean delete the WAV files themselves. Just clear the path to the WAV file in the sound settings.

Ragoer that, thanks for the clear up.

“clear the path to the wav files” - would that also imply I can re-direct to custom wav files in my profiles directory? As in the linked directory outside the docker container? Followed by restarting the container, of course.