Voice output to satellite?


I successfully set up my first satellite and it is working fine so far. However, when I have my Node-Red flow running, I pass the spoken confirmation to the master via a text to speech node. Then the master say something like “Switched on the kitchen light”. But I would like to get the confirmation on the satellite I issued the command on, how is ths possible?

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Okay, I found it out already. I set the dialogue management on the rhasspy satellite to rhasspy and in Node-RED I read the siteId and route it to the satellite tts url with a switch node.

Is it intended like that? Problem is I get the output four times now :smiley:

Update: It seems that when I enter an intent on the satellite and recognize it, the Node-Red webhook recieves two inputs: one from the satellite and a second one originating from the master. Any idea why that happens?

To be more precise: When I recognize an intent on the satellite, the Node-RED webhook recieves two msg inputs with siteId from the satellite and one with siteId from the master. confused

What are your rhasspy settings for the satelites ?
Are you using a shared mqtt broker for the setup or the method with http api ?

Your hint goes right in the correct direction.

While experimenting I mixed up the setting for using MQTT and HTTP and therefore the stuff was sent out on multiple channels I guess.

Removed all http stuff and set it to external MQTT and removed the satellite disabled dialogue management on the satellite, now it is working fine :slight_smile: