Very minimal client

i installed the rhasspy docker image on a pc
this is my profile
“command”: {
“system”: “oneshot”
“microphone”: {
“system”: “hermes”
“mqtt”: {
“enabled”: true,
“host”: “mqtthost.grumpy-net”,
“password”: “password”,
“username”: “user”
“wake”: {
“system”: “hermes”

i used a pi zero w and a respeaker 2 mic hat for the client
set up the pi zero w with raspbian minimal
install wiringpi and mosquitto-clients
press and release the hat button for wake up
this is the client

pub=‘mosquitto_pub -h mqtthost -p 1883 -u user -P password -i me --qos 1’
gpio -g wfi 17 falling
${pub} -t ‘hermes/hotword/default/detected’ -m ‘{“siteId”: “default”}’
arecord -d 5 message.wav
${pub} -t ‘hermes/audioServer/default/audioFrame’ -f message.wav

it works
it is cheap to build
and none of the python bloat
this is fun :slight_smile:


That is pretty sweet, nice job!

Nice :slight_smile: Once the various Rhasspy services are available, I’ll bet you could this all going even less bloat!