Version 2.4.18 Released

Hi, everyone! I realize a lot of users are patiently waiting for 2.5, but I still want to keep 2.4 fed and watered :slight_smile:

The two changes people will probably notice the most in 2.4.18 are (1) the addition of a new /api/events/wake websocket endpoint for reacting to a wake word detection, and (2) speaking a voice command will cause the intent to show up in the web UI (no need to use the buttons). Enjoy!


  • /api/listen-for-wake accepts โ€œonโ€ and โ€œoffโ€ as POST data to enable/disable wake word
  • /api/events/wake websocket endpoint reports wake up events
  • /api/events/text websocket endpoint reports transcription events
  • Rhasspy logo changes in web UI when wake word is detected
  • espeak arguments list for text to speech


  • STT output casing is fixed outside of HTTP API calls
  • All voice commands show up in web UI test page
  • Play last voice command button in web UI works for any command
  • Fixed commas in numbers with thousand separators
  • Words from Pocketsphinx wake keyphrase are added to dictionary
  • Pocketsphinx wake word keyphrase casing is fixed

Loving this update :slight_smile:

Now the backlight of my TV turns blue when i wake rhasspy - when it recognizes an intend it flashes green and when not red :slight_smile:

/api/events/text socket was not working in my case - maybe i did something wrong.

i also noticed in /api/events/wake siteId gets reported as "siteId": null - does it need to be set as something different than default for it to be recognized ?
since iโ€™m only using one device with no satellites, it doesnt matter anyways :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for your work


@Sikk, that is an awesome idea, I would never have thought of something like that. iโ€™m wondering what your setup is like and how did you perform this?

hey @TinyDoT :slight_smile:
the backlight is just an old IR led strip iโ€™m controlling through a broadlink rm3 IR-blaster.
The logic is done through Node-red

Basically just one websocket for /api/events/text and two mqtt in nodes for hermes/nlu/intentNotRecognized and hermes/intent/#

and then lots of clutter for different cases, like backlight already on, tv off but backlight is synced setting is on, what was the previous color and so on :slight_smile:

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