Version 2.4.17 Released

Version 2.4.17 is here! This version largely addresses issues discussed here and on GitHub. The road to version 2.5 is long, but we’re slowly making it.


  • Button to web UI to play last recorded voice command
    • Only plays the last command recorded through the web UI
    • Should help debug volume issues
  • RHASSPY_LOG_LEVEL environment variable
    • Overrides --log-level command-line option
    • Pass “debug”, “info”, “warning”, “error”, etc.
  • Web UI feedback during download
    • Small text box with status of files downloading/extracting
  • Add “asoundrc” config option to Hass.IO add-on
    • When set, contents of the config setting are copied to /root/.asoundrc when the add-on starts


  • Moved $profile/kaldi/custom_words.txt to $profile/kaldi_custom_words.txt
    • Avoids overwriting your Kaldi custom words when re-downloading profile
    • Your current file will be moved automatically. Make sure to include kaldi_custom_words.txt in your backups!
  • Slot substitution casing is kept during training/recognition
    • A slot value like abc:AbC wil show up as AbC in the JSON event now
  • Fixed fuzzywuzzy and other intent recognizer training after addition of converters
  • Fix thread max count issue
  • Hide web UI alerts after 10 seconds
  • Delete partially downloaded profile files (on error)
  • Force slot programs to run each training cycle
    • Previously, output would be cached
  • Fix _raw_text in Hass event being same as _text
    • Lets you pass open transcription text through to HA

Nice work! Thanks you!

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Many thanks!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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That is awesome, this is some incredible work!

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Love it! :star_struck: so easy to test your hardware now!

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Just a small info: The version number isn’t updated. There is still 2.4.16 on the upper left corner in the ui.

Have you refreshed your web page (CTRL R or CTRL F5)?

This always worked on the new version for me.

Thank you guys for the new version!

@synesthesiam Is there HTTP cache headers returned by the web UI or the API? Maybe these can be disabled as they do not seem useful in this context? :blush:

Yes, you are right. Its Browser cached.

I’m not sure. I’m using quart, and I’m not changing any caching settings. Looks like maybe I can fiddle with the Cache-Control header?

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