Version 2.4.14 Released

Lots of improvements in version 2.4.14!

Split Sentences

You can now break your sentences.ini into multiple files. Any .ini files in the intents directory of your profile should be included when you train.

New Home Assistant Components

There is now a Home Assistant intent recognition system and text to speech system. These use your existing Home Assistant conversation and tts platforms. Additionally, you can use Home Assistant for speech to text like Ada does.

wakeId/siteId in intent

The wake word that triggered the current Rhasspy session and the MQTT site_id are now included in the intent JSON (wakeId and siteId). These are available in the MQTT and Websocket messages as well.

MaryTTS emulation and other TTS options

Rhasspy can pretend to be a MaryTTS server. If you use the marytts component in Home Assistant, point it at your Rhasspy server (e.g., http://localhost:12101). Rhasspy will catch any GET requests to /process and forward them to your configured TTS system.

The /api/text-to-speech endpoint now supports ?voice=<VOICE> and ?language=<LANG> query arguments that let you switch languages temporarily for one TTS call.


The documentation now contains a tutorials and a reference section.


A big important step towards your own skills. Great!

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