Variable slot definition

Hi there,
Very nice Software and realy quick to setup.
Is it possible to define a variable slot, which must not be a list of predefined words.

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Hello there querdenker2k,

On behalf of others here welcome to Rhasspy.

I’m pretty much a total noob around here (a refugee from and I can’t offer you assistance on slots.

I am sure one of the really clever guys here will reply to your question.

Take a look at slot programs. These output the values of your slot(s) during training [1]. You can pass arguments to them too in your sentences.ini.

[1] There’s a bug right now where the results of slot programs is cached. Run training with the “No Cache” drop down to avoid this.

Thanks, my Intention was to detect really variable slot values. But for the current use case is this enough.

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No, not THAT famous :eyes: Ed Snowden.

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Probably you won’t tell here anyway I guess :grin: