Using intent value from Rhasspy as input to Home Assistant REST with RESPONSE payload

What is the recommended approach to use an INTENT in Rhasspy (v2.5.5) to pass a value to a Home Assistant REST service which (in turn) has a payload value to post back to Rhasspy TTS. I tired to so this via standard INTENT SCRIPT (passing a slot value) but struggling to see how this value can be used in a REST sensor.

For instance, “What is the the status of docker container {{dockerContainer}}”. I can get this in Home assistant to do a Speech action but unable to pass it to a REST sensor that may then reply back with “Container {{ dockerContainer }} is UP”.

I think this should be possible but unclear on the best way to do. I also can POST back via a rest_command to TTS but the passing of a value dynamically from INTENT -> REST API -> Back to Rhasspy does not seem to work.

Is this what conversations in HA are for? Anyone able to do this sort of thing with Rhasspy and HA?