Uses outside of Raspberry (Macbook and Jetson Nano)

Hello, I would like to know if this is exclusive only for the Raspberry Pi or I can use it on my Macbook M1 and Jetson Nano using Docker.

I apologize for the basic question, I’m not an expert.

A friend of mine got Rhasspy working on Macbook M1 with Docker. The biggest headache was mapping the audio from Macbook through to the Docker container, expect to fiddle with that for a day+. Expect just as much pain if you’re running a linux VM on Mac.

I haven’t tried on the Jetson Nano, with a standard, well supported Linux distro you should be fine.

Personally I run in basestation + satellite config. I use a i7 as a general home server + Rhasspy base station: this does speech to text, text to speech, intent matching and intent handling (Node-RED and Home assistant containers on the same machine.) All running in Docker. I use a Raspberry Pi 4 for the satellite, which only does wake word detection, and then streams audio to the base station. And play the speech back on the speaker.

Maybe you could use the M1 Mac or Nano as the “base station”, and something cheaper (Odroid?) for the satellites. Means you can have more satellites.