Use Rhasspy as language teacher

Hi there,

I’m wondering if I can use Rasspy to configure a teacher bot for ~15 students, using SMCP ( aka Standard Marine Communication Phrases - ?

That means no wake word and “conversationnal” capabilities regarding standard maritime situations recorded in the linked document.

Thx for your help

Rhasspy is designed to be a toolkit which can be used for all sorts of purposes … so yes i believe it could be useful for the voice input and output parts of your application … but it will require you to develop the core application.

Possibly someone with more expertise in that area can offer more detailed advice.

I worked on this sort of training system about a year ago. From my experience, I think you may have voice recognition problems if the users do not speak one of the supported languages clearly, without an accent. We got the logic and the STT parts running correctly when the spoken language was American English, but the voice recognition accuracy fell off somewhat when the system was used by speakers with Kenyan accented English (the target users). We also noticed surprising accuracy differences between male and female speakers.

I’d be happy to share my experience.