USB mic not showing up on Rhasspy Web interface


I just started with Rhasspy and I have my USB mic plugged into my RPi 4. The Rpi 4 recognizes it and I can record my voice and play it back when I test it using arecord and aplay.

How come my USB mic doesn’t show up here:

I referred to the guide and it talks about profiles. how do I accesses those? Where can they be found and what do I have to add in order for my mic to be recognized by Rhasspy?

Thanks in advance.

If you change the Audio Recording option to arecord, save, and restart Rhasspy, do you still run into the same problem?

Thanks the mic is recognized now. Now I have to get it to actually work.

As I said before, when I ran tests on my RPi I could hear my voice through the mic but on the web interface here, I can’t test the mic (using the test button next to the refresh button. When I hit it, the device goes back to default).

And when I hit the “Wake Up” button and say “What time is it” nothing happens. It keeps saying “Listening for commands”, then times out.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

When you press “test”, the software will test if it can use any of the detected microphones.
After pressing test, expand the select box and you will see “(working!)” next to the microphones that work.