USB Audio suggestions

Hey Community!

First: I’ve setup Rhasspy with Mosquitto and node-red and ,thanks to this Community, everything wents well so far!

Unfortunately the Audio-Outout from the Jack isn’t that good and loud enough - also the last Question about that topic is month ago, so here is a fresh version about that question:

What are your suggestions about a USB Soundcard / USB Speaker that works well with Rhasspy?

I need some good Stuff, because I use Google/Wavenet who has really a good quality.

Cheers - Michael

The el cheapos are still really good quality usual ones are.

Last 2 is a bit of a lottery as if it has the ancient Intel chipset you lucked out and forgot the chipset that is better but seems that way if not Intel it will be correct.

Often due to impedance matching to your amp you need a DC blocking cap and many of the class d-amps are noisy when idle but the better ones have a mute pi you should wire up to GPIO

But yeah the Pi output unless HDMI sort of sucks big style, HDMI would be OK but goes to sleep and can cut start audio

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Both in one: Jabra 410. Just bought it and its pretty fine. The mic array works really good and the sound is just jabra like.
I skipped the bigger version for a good reason. I don’t want any bluetooth device being able to listen all the time in my rooms.