Unclear on Audio Input Options

Hi. New to Rhasspy but going through the documentation it is not very clear on the shortest path to get Audio input.

In my case, I have both Rhasspy and Home assistant running in Docker remotely (no audio drivers on the host machine). With respect to Audio, is a Raspberry Pi required (along with Matrix Voice) or can I remotely somehow use my local Windows PC as a Audio input?

There is a section that outlines Sattellite/Base (which i am guessing i could use to install the same Rhasspy docker container on my Windows) or is it required that I go with the Matrix voice + Raspberry Pi? I am guessing there is an easy “Client/Server” way to simply use existing microphones on any device (Laptop, etc) as audio input to a Rhasspy Container running elsewhere which does not have an audio driver?

Any help is appreciated.