Unable to find entity driving me crazy now

HI there think I’m 90% there but can’t get Rhasspy to trigger my lights in home assistant
I have the add-on installed and have a satellite set up picked this switch from HA

put this in my sentences.ini

added intent: to my configuration.yaml and rebooted HA

the intent is recognised


but I get an audio message in satellite saying " unable to find an entity called switch.lounge_lamp" and nothing happens

what am I missing ?

made some progress discovered that web sockets are not working in the instance of home assistant I have in proxmox using the local ip addresses but work if I use nubu casa. I’m planing a migration back to a bare metal install soon to that wouldn’t be a problem much longer.

Managed to get some lights to turn on and off by changing from intents to events and placing config in the automations.yaml file