UDP Audio Streaming without satellite

Good evening,

I know there is UDP audio streaming for server and satellites so that there is no constant stream over mqtt when nothing is detected. I am wondering if that is also possible to use with only one rhasspy instance so my mqtt server that is shared between a few services isn’t constantly streaming audio.

I am not exactly sure how the satellite is able to only stream after the wakeword is detected, is there another internal mqtt server where the constant streaming happens or is it just able to work without the mqtt audio stream?

Whatever it does, I would like to somehow reproduce something similar when using only a master and an external mqtt server.


Yes you can also activate UDP Audio Streaming if you are not using a satelite setup. Just enter a free port which should be used for it and it should work.
Just like this

Do I need to open that port up in the docker or does everything run inside the docker?

You dont need to do that aslong as both the audio recording service and the wakeword service are running inside the same docker container. Which they are in the rhasspy/rhasspy docker container.

That sounds good, I tried it right now and the only issue is that it doesn’t stop recording but that is a mix of my mic not working right and a bug I reported.

But it might be a good idea to actually add that to the documentation because I only found UDP audio stream mentioned in the server-satellite setup tutorial.