Two "little" questions

Hallo :slight_smile:
I have two questions and hope, someone can help me.

Number 1:
Is there a way to set the time between hotword and audio recording?
Background: After hotword detection, my rhasspy say โ€œyesโ€ and because of this, often a command that start with yes is triggerd

Number 2:
What will I have to send to rhasspy to start direct audio recording, so that no hotword is needed any more?

Thanks in front.

Answer to 2:
You can use the http api to trigger a recordig instead of the wakeword with a post to /api/listen-for-command.

Thanks for the answer on question 2

Any idea for wquestion 1?

No, there is not. If commands are triggered, the best way to fix it is to change those sentences.

I think starting a session is the best way: hermes/dialogueManager/startSession.
Normally that is what is done after hotword detection, you can skip that and start a session by yourself.

It does depend however what you want to achieve