TtsException trying to use Pi Zero W as a satellite

Hi all,

I’ve already got Rhasspy working on a Pi3B+ using a Respeaker 2-Mic, and it works great. I am currently experimenting with using a Pi Zero W as a satellite.

I had no difficulty during the install, and Rhasspy is up and running on it. Also using a Respeaker 2-Mic, and the wakeword boops ok when I say Jarvis.

But. As per the documentation, I have configured Speech to Text, Intent Recognition, and Text to Speech as Remote HTTP. I am using the IP address of my working Pi3B+ as the server.

Here is an example of the URL I am using:

To test it, I am trying to get it to say something via the Speak button on the front page - specifically, I am trying to get it to say, “Testing”.

But it throws an error:

TtsException: Cannot connect to host ssl:<ssl.SSLContext object at 0xb266edb0> [Connect call failed ('', 12101)]

I don’t understand this because I’m not aware of using ssl anyway.

I know that the working pi at can take HTTP requests, because I’m using it in Node-RED flows and I’m able to send notifications to it to be spoken aloud.

Does anyone recognise this error, or have any suggestions of how I might resolve it?

Thank you.

Just to update this thread in case anyone else also has this problem.

I was unable to resolve the error.

However, by following the official tutorial for getting it to function via MQTT, I was at least able to get it working. Not the way I wanted to do it, but at least it is functioning.

Thank you.