The greeting wav is recorded in the intent

I change the greeting wav, it is longer than a simple beep, and has words. The problem is that it is recorded in the intent.

Is there a way to make you start listening when the audio finishes play?

I think I saw something like that in the VOD settings yesterday when I was playing around. Not near any PC right now to check but I think there was something you can specify the time before it counts. Might not remove it from the wav, but it shouldn’t process it anymore.

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Honestly I do not understand, sorry. You said you know a way to do it, or not?

As I said, my problem is that when I place a greeting waving for the Wakeword starts to record immediately and not when the WAV ends.

I have this in my speech to text settings:

The last few settings might be something you can use to tweak.

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