Thank you for voice2json / spreading the love to nodered

I hope this is the right place as their is no voive2json forum.
I just wanted to say thank you for voice2json as its finally an easy and great way to integrate speech commands with kaldi and in the future hopefully deepspeech and more into nodered using nodered as the backbone.
This is what I have been waiting for.
I shared this awesome project to the nodered community:

and Im sure many people their will love it as much as I do.
So thank you for your amazing work :heart:


You’re welcome :slight_smile: I’m in the process now of updating voice2json to use the same underlying libraries as Rhasspy 2.5.

DeepSpeech will be included (on supported platforms). I’m also considering switching the wake word system to Mycroft Precise to better support another truly open source project (it’s currently using Porcupine).


an integration of mycroft precise would be very exiting :smile: