Syntax of optional words at the start of a voice command

Little question that intrigues me:
in the intent it is specified:
Optional words are [bracketed]
But the name of the intention is also in square brackets
in this case if I start a voice command with an optional word … this is allowed or there is a risk of misinterpretation because the line starts with a word in square brackets like the name of the intention ??

Hello, you have to escape the optionals with a \ if its at the start of the line.
So for example:

\[please] turn (on | off) the light

ok and a big thank you … but where did you find this information?
I did not find her

The special cases section in the docs for the template language:

Its about 2/3 of the way down here:

Thank you very much the special cases chapter is very small and escaped me … or I have to clean my glasses :slight_smile:
thanks again