Store model file


I get a personal model file stored and can use it, however I am a little bit confused and have them around in different places and now and wouldlike to know where it really should be so I can delete the rest.

What I first did is that I transfer the .pmdl file to rhasspy through scp. I put it in my my homedir (/home/pi) and from there I move to the profile dir (~/.config/rhasspy/profiles/de). As that was not working for the first time, I created a subdir snowboy in the profile directory and put it there. Now it was working, but I am not sure if it was because I put it in the snowboy dir or if I was unpatient before and the …/de dir was already correct. Could test that of course, but a short statement here could save me that time.

Now the thing I find really strange: After copying the model to my master, it was available there - ok. Now I copied the model to a satellite, to pi’s homedir and when checking the web interface it was available there for selection. It is only in the home dir, nowherein the profile dir. How is this happening? Does it come from the master or is it enough to put it in my users homedir?

It should be in ~/.config/rhasspy/profiles/de/snowboy.
What are the settings of the satellite?

Thank you.

Like this:


As I said, I was able to select ok_polly.pmdl before even copying it to the profile folder.

What I did: put the model file to the home dir of the master, copy it to …/de/snowboy folder, select it on the master, SCP the file to the satellite (/home/pi), visit satellites wake word settings, click refresh, wakeword is available to select despite not being the profile folder.