Starting out with rhasspy, use 2.4 or wait for 2.5?


I recently restarted my smart room project and since snips is not available anymore I decided to use rhasspy. With 2.5 around the corner I am not sure if it is a good idea to start out with 2.4 because I am afraid that I will have to do quite a bit twice, once to set up and once to migrate to 2.5 because of changes.

My system so far has running in a docker container on my pi 3 and I do plan to install rhasspy via docker on the machine instead of the addon. My mqtt server runs as a addon so far.

So what would the best course of action be, start out with 2.4, wait for 2.5 or try the 2.5 pre release?


Why wait for tomorrow for what you could do today, there is always a learning curve. You could familiarize yourself with the software and be ahead of the game. A lot of the configuration that you will be setting up you will be able to carry over into the new version, so it will not be a waste. So, I say go for it.

I would say if you are integrating a new feature, and it’s not critical right now, and if something doesn’t work 100% it won’t be the end of the world, i would say jump right in on 2.5. But… that comes with some negatives, since 2.5 is new, the number of people to help with 2.5 is lower.

So there are pros/cons going both.