Start Conversation with TTS and start listening

I would like to start a conversation triggerd from the home automation system.
To achieve this:
1.)A message is published to hermes/tts/say
2.)After a short delay
3.)Rhasspy is waked up by publishing a message to hermes/hotword/porcupine/detected.
4.)A Session is started and an answer/Intent can be spoken

I am not really happy with the achived behavior since 4.) accepts all intents (no intent filter) and the command sequence poorly/not synchronised.

Is there a better way to achive that?

Eg. something like a command startSessionAndWakeUp (with parameters text, intentFilter, …).

Can someone give me a few tips on this? Thanks!

1,2 and 3 can be replaced by publishing to hermes/dialogueManager/startSession
The message should contain init and siteID,

     "canBeEnqueued": false

The init object also has a intentFilter, which you can use.

See this documentation:


Yes that works! Thank you very much for pointing me at this. I overlooked the passage with the type=action for the startSession command. I already tried that command before but only with type=notification…

I am trying to do the same thing but i am stuck with the intent fillter. Could someone give me an example please. Here is my function what goes with intentFilter: is it the name of the intent or much more?

def startSession(cclient,intentName,saytxt):



    { 'init':



        'canBeEnqueued': false,







For me this example is working:
“text” : “Question”,
“type”: “action”,
“canBeEnqueued”: false,
“intentFilter”: [“PossibleAnswers”]
“siteId”: “satelitte”,

Look how the square brackets are used in the example for the intent filter.

Thanks. Ill give it a try.