Speech brain is open to Beta testers


Where can I find the beta? I can only find the information, that a first alpha version will be available in the first semester of 2021. The GitHub organisation does not include the code yet either https://github.com/speechbrain

You send a email to speechbrainproject@gmail.com titled beta test with your github account and they give you access.

The beamforming libs in fact there is a lot of really interesting stuff there.
Its just pytorch as I am really lost with pytorch but they will give you access and to the documentation which is already quite good.

Currently private but they will give you access to beta test, not sure how long that will remain but its extremely active at the moment as can see the issues and collab work being done.

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I guess this makes sense while it is still under heavy development

The main development has ended this purely bug testing with a large number trying various installs and implementations.