Sound of Matrix Voice ESP32

I use a Matrix Voice ES32 with the flashed software from romkabouter v7.8.1. Thanks again for that. Rhasspy is running on a Pi4 and is set up so that the sound is delivered via MQTT Hermes. Speakers are connected to the Matrix Voice esp32 and I can hear what Rhasspy is transmitting. I thought that was fantastic before, but I wondered about the quality. Since some people here are running Matrix Voice with speakers I was wondering if it was just me having these problems and I might have misconfigured something.

I will briefly describe my problem:

The sound played when a wakeword is detected is choppy and distorted.
The words that are played back are very quiet. To be precise, they start softly and get louder and louder the longer the texts are. So when short answers come, they are too quiet.

Is this the same for you?

If the sound is distorted it could mean you are using different frequencies for your TTS-Module and ESP32Matrix-Voice.

I’m not at home so i can’t check the details and where to set it, but for me it was important to use the 16kH on both ends.

Good Luck!

Hello nYce,

Thank you very much for your answer. Sounds plausible with the 16kh but where do I set it?
I haven’t found a menu item in the Rhasspy GUI where I can adjust this.