Sonos beam as mic and playback for rhasspy

Can i connect rpi to sonos beam and use it with rasspy 2.5 for both wake word + tts (using its microphone) and playback (using its speaker)?

Bluetooth support on Linux is a bit lack lustre as yeah it works but getting wideband audio than just narrowband can be problematic to not at all with speaker/mic setups.
Plus your Sonos beam has Google Home / Alexa built in so why would you?

You might be able to find some Sonos Wifi software and just use as asound.conf sink/sources but have a google

I guess I should have ask it in a different way.
I want a good speaker to hear music with a good microphone to use rhasspy on RPI.
I know there are many diy guides, but it is not my field and the result doesn’t look pretty.

Likely a USB speaker/mic as many wifi ones are proprietory and bluetooth wideband audio when I last looked is pretty stinky in terms of linux.

Prob Jabra 410 or above.

Anker do quite an impressive 6mic
The £20 promotion they are running seems to make it really good value.

Getting great reviews but I am a cheap and cheerfull DIY type and haven’t tried.

Looking good.
Ordered one.

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You will have to give a review but looks good as USB or Bluetooth is pretty handy and apparently can even be used as an emergency portable charger.

The EC and noise reduction will be of much interest so look forward to the review.
Did you get a promotion as with the £20 off that seemed really good value in terms of spec?

I had to buy it from ebay, since the seller on amazon doesn’t ship to my country.
It cost me $74.99 with an overpriced shipping.
It might take some time to reach, but will review as soon as possible.

Its never easy :slight_smile: Cie la vie

I just got anker powerconf.
I started a fresh buster with docker rhasspy.
Microphones work (not that well right now), but i don’t ear the beep after i say the wakeword.
Playback cuts the start of the sentence.
Any idea what to do?

Stick it on a windows machine 1st get familiar.
Then on a vanilla raspbian install do the same with the usual aplay/arecord.

Then give it a go with rhasspy as you should have a good comparison now.

both test works great.
when trying to use it with rhasspy, as i said, I don’t have a beep after saying the wakeword (although it triggers stt) and the response is cut at the beginning (I hear it from the third word)

It could be the usual sound card with the Pi only having output so when you install a sound card you get odd indexes.

aplay hw:0 = pi 3.5mm
aplay hw:1 = usb sound card

arecord hw:0 = usb soundcard.

Maybe sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-blacklist.conf

Add a line blacklist snd_bcm2835

Save and reboot

[edit] Then again after reading how are you hearing?

Erm dunno

unfortunatly that didn’t work.
I hear the beep only after the first time i use the wakeword, after that it doesn’t do the beep.
Playback is still cut in the beginning.

Dunno but there have been problems with pyaudio and switching to arecord/aplay from memory seemed to fix.

@tuxedo78 how do you do that?

"microphone": {
  "system": "arecord",
  "arecord": {
    "device": ""

Nothing works. Any more ideas?

I had some progress.
I used anker for input via usb and a separate speaker for output via aux.
In this setup all works fine:, wakeword --> beep --> stt --> … --> full tts without any cuts.
In rhasspy i use arecord and aplay.
So I guess the aplay via anker is causing the problem.
Any new idea?

I purchased this product because I wanted a nice looking compact solution to hang on the wall. It misses the point if I will have to had a speaker as well.

BTW, mics are amazing! I can trigger wakeword with background music from my TV!