Snips dialog experience in rhasspy?

Hi guys,

Is there any way to implement a dialog like in snips using rhasspy (sessions …)?

for example :
If i ask for the price of a product without mentionning it … Rhasspy should ask me about what product ?

so basically i’m looking for session handling (continue_session , end_session …) alternatives in rhasspy .

To continue the dialogue I will do like that (to try):

Hey rhasspy.
Turn on the television

here if slotvalue …(your code)…continuer ( )

def continuer ( ) :

    myTTS ( "which channel do you want?" ) # is  my fonction tts perso
    os.system ( 'curl -X POST "http://localhost:12101/api/start-recording" ' )
        # speak the name of channel
    os.system ( 'curl -X POST "http://localhost:12101/api/stop-recording" ' )
        # here recup your json slotvalue and
        if slotvalue == "channel" :
             myTTS("Ok y put xxxx" + slotvalue)......

Replace channel for product and recup the price


I’m using a remote HTTP server to handle intents , which is basically a php page that uses the json data sent (intentname, slots …) after that i return a json data with the text to speak ($data[“speech”][“text”]).

I’m sorry but i’m new to this i was using snips before Sonos :rage: , but in rhasspy i don’t know where to code actions or where to put this python code .

Merci pour ton aide.

This is work in progress and I believe @synesthesiam has this planned for Rhasspy 2.5.

@synesthesiam mentioned this in another thread