Smartwatch as Micro

Hi there,

would it be possible to use a smartwatch (perhaps Android WatchOS) as a microphone?

So, press a button on the smartwatch and speak the command. The audio is transmitted to Rhasspy Base and processing takes place there.

Is that possible? Is there a solution for that already?

That’s a wonderful idea to develop :slight_smile: I don’t know the specifics of Android WatchOS app development, but there’s already a mobile app for Rhasspy (Android and iOS) and there’s satellite software for constrained devices such as ESP32 microcontrollers, so a satellite app for a smartwatch definitely seems possible.

I think with WearOS could use channels.

Could you do it via a Apache Cordova plugin?

Google assistant is on them which is really just a satellite app.


i am sadly no Programmer. I have created a Feature Request on Github for the Author of the “mobile App”. Perhaps he find this funktion usefull and take a look on this.

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This sounds like a very good idea :smiley:


See here and here .